WHO'S The Boss?

A lot of crappy cakes were brought into workplaces yesterday, thereby inspiring a veritable plethora of "creative reasoning sessions." And so, I give you:


 The Top Five Excuses For a Boss's Day Wreck

"Diane in accounting ordered it."


"Er, the extra 'E' is for 'EXPEDIENCY.' Or 'EXCELLENCE.' Or 'EMPOWER..."

"Bingo, sir."

(Please tell me someone else out there remembers that Dilbert strip.)

 "Ah, well, we assume there's a person named Basses Day somewhere on this planet, and we just wanted to celebrate that person's birth! It doesn't always have to be about you, mkay? Please don't fire me."

"No, that's not a mistake! It's our little nickname for you - kind of a mashup between Boss and Moses. Because just like Moses, you lead us through hardship! In circles. Lots and lots of circles. Through a barren wasteland."


And the number one excuse for a Boss's Day Wreck IS...

"Hey, at least you got a cake this time! Remember how we forgot your birthday?!"


Thanks to Michelle O., Alan B., Hazel, Sylvia P., & Jackie W., who are technically all my bosses. Um...look, guys! I got you five pictures of cakes!