Cake Wrecks Finally Gives You The Bird

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, so here's a handy reference guide to the various birds you may be asked to eat tomorrow.


This is a chicken.


These are small creatures who live under your bed and stare at you while you sleep.





[whispering] "I will eat your soul."


Coffee, anyone?


Moving on...

This is a duck.


This is Duck-Zilla.

Duck-Zilla doesn't like you.


This is a guinea fowl.


This guinea pig(?) is foul.

(Note from Jen: Sharyn, I'm surprised at you. Don't you know a Majestic Coiled Crap Hound when you see one??)

(Note from Sharyn: Oops, you're right, I totally missed it. Guess I have to brush up on my poology.)

(Note from john: [pushing up glasses] I believe it's spelled "poo-ology. After all, it's an ANAL-ytical science.)

(Note from Jen [& Sharyn]: Shut up, Wesley.)


And finally:

This is a turkey.


 This is disturbing.



This is a pilgrim snake riding a magic carpet.



And this: why we're grilling steaks this year.



Thanks to Cassandra T., Maryrose M., Stephen P., Maria S., Jenn E., and Sarah C. for putting the foul in fowl.