Sunday Sweets: Christmas Charm

"Well, ho ho hello! What a surprise! Welcome to the North Pole!"

By Truly Custom Cakery

"As you know, I'm a bit busy with last minute preparations this time of year, but what the hey, I suppose you can tag along!


"Let's head over to the train depot and check on the latest shipment of toys."

"Looking good!"


By Charmaine Wood of Sweet Frostings Cake Design

"You know, I'm considering doing all my deliveries by freight this year. So much cheaper than air travel, am I right? Totally retiring the sleigh.


"Just kidding, here's the sleigh!"

By SugarEd Productions

"And may I point out the gold pinstriping and poinsettia decal? Santa's got a tricked out ride, holla!


"Now, where's Rudolph?"

Submitted by Emma W. and made by Cake Avenue

"By golly, he just gets cuter every year. I could gobble him up!" (Which isn't weird, because he's edible! Just in case you forgot these were cakes, because sometimes I do!)


"And let's not forget a little something sweet for our Jewish friends!"

By Rosebud Cakes

"I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure this is what dreidels and Stars of David SHOULD look like.
(Remind me to add certain other bakers to the naughty list, by the way.)


"And look at this colorful peacock menorah!"

By Yael Ashey

"Perfect for Hanukkah celebrants, employees and/or affiliates of NBC, and anyone else who prefers cookie cakes over cupcake-cakes - which is to say, everybody.


"And do you know who else likes cookies? I'll give you a hint: this is not a trick question."

By bubolinkata

"Yep, I'll take a dozen - and with a triple espresso, please. Santa's got a long night coming up...


"OK, now back to my to-do list: Are the stockings stuffed?

Submitted by Carrie B. and made by Beyond Imagination

"Check, and check! (I do it twice, it's true.)


"But I'll let you in on a little Santa secret: I don't actually see you when you're sleeping. That would be creepy. Not to mention boring. However, I DO know when you've been bad or good...

By Creative Cake Designs

" be good and help me hoist this massive cake ornament onto my massive cake tree, won't you?


"What? Not everybody has a giant Christmas tree made of cake?"

By Art2Eat Cakes

"Well, they should; it's rad. Who wouldn't be pining for one of these? Haha! Sorry, Santa likes to make bad jokes when he's stressed. And talk about himself in the third person.


"There's just snow much to do, get my drift? So I best be on my way...

By Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

"...and I'll see some of you on Christmas Eve!"


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