Sunday Sweets: Jolly Rogers

A'hoy there, me hearties! Comb your beard, grab your eyepatch, and screw that peg leg in extra tight, because we're about to set sail for adventure. We seek the sweetest Sweets on the seven seas, in a pursuit of pirate pastry! Yo ho, let's go!

And here comes our sailing vessel now:

By BakingGirl

... gently gliding toward us on rolling waves of blue buttercream!

(Note to self: no more rum for breakfast.)


Who knows what mysteries and adventures await?

No, seriously, does anyone know? 

Perhaps we should consult a map first...

Submitted by Darren R. & made by Mike's Amazing Cakes

 Hmm, looks like we head east for a bit, then take a left at the terrifying and hopefully not-drawn-to-scale sea dragon. Got it.

Hey, where did everybody go?


 Don't worry, mates, whether through shark-infested waters, cannon-fire, or an ogling octopus...

By K'precious Cakes

 ...your captain would never lead you astray!


Avast ye! What's this? Another captain cake?! Do I smell a mutiny?

By CW reader Erin C.

You, there! Captain Beckett! There's only room on this ship for ONE captain, comprende?  

Oh, forget it. You're just too darn cute.


And Captain Hook, TOO?  Fine. I'll make one last exception.

By Erin Salerno

 Besides, your prosthetic could totally double as a dough hook for my KitchenAid. That might really come in handy. AH HA HA! Ha. ha. Ahem. Sorry.


You know, there's an old superstition that having a woman on board will bring the voyage bad luck.

By Cake Ink.

I'm not buying it. But I'll tell you what I will buy: every last one of these adorable pirate princess cupcakes.


Mmmhmm, better throw in a dozen or so of these cookies, too.

By Sweet Sugar Belle

Villainy at sea has never looked cuter! 

 And I'm not sure whether Jack the monkey here is also cute, or is secretly plotting the demise of every living thing he sees.

Sub'd by Christina W. & made by Love to Cake

 I'm not even sure if he's cake or an actual monkey.  So lifelike.

(But I am sure I'm digging the use of silver dragees here.)

Shiver me timbers, it looks like we've got company, in the form of another superb ship!

Check out these fabulous details – the cannons, the railings, the sails, and the jolly roger – edible, all of it!  Well, maybe not the sails, but I'm sure if you tried hard enough...

And here's the poop deck!

By Nellaine

 Really, I just wanted to say "poop deck."


Aye, we've hit the motherlode: Tasty treasure galore!  But the real treasure isn't the cake, it was spending time with all of you.

By Karren's Specialty Cakes & Confections

Just kidding, it's the cake. 

Pass me a fork. 



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