Happy St. Memerial's Day!

It's Memorial Day here in the U.S., a day when we pause to celebrate and remember the sacrifices of our fallen military heroes. Fortunately, our nation's bakers have done their part, too, reminding us:

"Never Foget,"


And to:

"Alyauys Remember..."


Because we MUST...

Let the dome be free! AND LET FREE DOME RING!!


And why does the dome ring?



Well, that clears things up.

(I'll help you out: It's supposed to say "In memory of our fallen soldiers." What it *actually* says is "Memolg of oar alling Soldie." In related news, I'm so proud to be an American right now, I could just deep-fry a stick of butter!)


So in closing, allow me to wish you all a very:

And let's hope Memerial enjoys it, too.


Thanks to Jolly D., Dawn S., Dawnan H., Beth H., Laura M., and to all of our military personnel and families - past and present - for defending us even when we don't show them the respect they deserve. We are forever in your debt. God bless you all, with extra sprinkles on top.