Rah Rah Wreckage

You guys, I figured it out: these cupcakes hold a secret code.

See if you can crack it before the migraine sets in:

 HINT: It's starts with the word "gone."


And here's a lesson on the importance of proper punctuation placement:

"GO!! Giants. Just... just go."


[adjusting belt and swaggering over drunkenly] "SO, football field cake. Are you gonna FIGHT? Or are you just too YELLA?"

Well, alrighty then.


Uh-oh. Look out, other foods! The wreckage is coming for you!


Although this does bring a whole new meaning to "paper or plastic."

As in, "What am I eating? Paper or plastic?"


An ode to the power of positive thinking:

Suuuure you will. Although, considering that you're a cookie cake with crappy handwriting, I think it'd be more *accurate* to say you'll be in the:


I'm telling you, guys, the annual misspelling of "Super Bowl" to "Super Bowel" never gets old. Trust me.

"Go, Super Bowel! Go, Go, GO!"



Thanks to Emily H., Timothy G., Andrea U., Laura H., Pon T., Val H., & Erin E. for those moving words of encouragement.