Finding the Words, Losing the Lunch

For those of you who aren't planning on dumping your significant other this Valentine's day, there's still time left for that ultimate declaration of affection:

"Your love sticks to my socks when I walk in the woods."

Yep. That's love.


Here's an invitation to the Tunnel of Love if I ever saw one:


The Tunnel appears to have sprung a leak.



And who says you have to express your love for a *person*? Maybe you just really, REALLY love gardening:

He's a rakish sort of fella.


Just beware of cakes that require an explanation, because those can get messy fast.

"Why does the 'I' look like that?'s a thermometer! Yeah. You know, for taking your lurve temperature, IF you know what I...where are you going? Come back! I also have Cheerwine!"


Yep, when it comes to the big day, it's all about finding the right words:

These aren't them.





We have a winner!


Thanks to Jen M., Sarah A., Zoe C., Vanessa B., Allie D., Sara S., & Erica L. for proving that "huge me," much like the "super bowel," just never gets old.