My Funny Valentines

My dears, the day has come when I can finally say:




Perhaps an illustration would help.

Perhaps the children should leave the room.

(Then we can rock out with our "guitars" out!)

Sometimes a problem is pretty black and white:

If ever a wreck deserved our silent reproach...


Others require a bit more brain power:

Talk about a tough cake to wrap your head around.

Btw, you disappoint me, bakers. Not a single zombie joke? Really?

(And are those eyeballs? REALLY?)


Hey now, bakers, don't give me no lip.

Or whatever this is, while you're at it.


Look, just stick with wishing us a happy Valentine's day, and we'll get along fine.

What's that?
You can't spell "Valentine's?"

Oh. Well, just abbreviate it, then.

Clearly I didn't think that one through.


Maybe if you call it something else?

Or, you know, grab the piping bag and have a hand seizure?


Tell you what: how about we give you big plastic letters to spell out the word "love," and you just plop those on a cake? Eh? Nothing to write, nothing to draw - in fact, I'd be hard pressed to think of a single way anyone could POSSIBLY mess...



Thanks to Dana B., Mindy B., Meredith B., Mary F., Marion N., Cathy W., Chris P., Laura H., & Jackie E. for bringing Valentine's Day to a new "loe."