Star Wreckin' Across the Universe

Cakes, the final frontier.

These are the ravages of the Bakeshop...Wrecksurprise.

Its five tier mission:


To INVENT strange new words,


To SEEK OUT new strife,




To BOLDLY WRECK as no cake’s been wrecked before!



Actually, we see this kind of thing a lot.


Carry on!


OooOOOOooooh oh oh ohhhh!
Oh oooOOOOOO! oh oh oh oh ohhhhh!
Oh ohhh! Oh oh oh oh oh OH OH, OH!!
 (etc, etc.)


Thanks to Jessica C., Kynna G., Katie M., Yolanda, & Valerie K. for keeping failing frequencies open, and an extra special, super DUPER thanks to Sharyn, one of our all-time favorite commenters, for providing the brilliant commentary. Take a bow, Sharyn! LL&P!