Bring the Sledge Hammer, Miley

We're flawed, you maimed our hearts in vain

Pink lumps - never gonna fly.

The gist is, well... you just can't spell

We're cakes no one's gonna buy.

Don't you ever say, we'll sell anyway

I don't have any legs.

I can't tell a lie: you used too much dye


Smiles will always haunt you.


You came in and you wrecked us all!


And now we're just so hard to love!


All the kids who see us start to bawl!


Why'd you have to make us


Yeah, you wre-e-eck meee!


Thanks to Andi C., Cheryl F., Gemma J., Dylan S., Karen B., Ann L., Mikayla S., Nicole H., Ruth B., Lesley W. & Apryl K., who managed to find an updated cake of Miley's new look:

(Hey, Miley, cake got your tongue?)


PS - If you're looking to listen to the real song for comparison, I highly recommend this video. (NSFW, but so, so funny.)


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