The Wreckorator's "Bored Book"

From the people who would have liked to have brought you the Star Trek Book of Opposites and Be Bold With Bananas (but didn't) comes:

The Official Wreckerator "Bored Book!"

This delightful picture book will teach budding wreckerators all the letters and words they need to know, all using illustrations only a true wreckerator will recognize!

Take a look at some of these exciting excerpts:

A is for "Apple Tree"


B is for "Break time!"


C is for "Catcher's mitt"

See also: "Caca," "Cry," and "Constipated."


T is for "Tasteful"


I is for "I scream and I sing for ice cream and icing!!"

Also: ineptitude


M is for "Martini"

N is for "No, really, that's supposed to be a frickin' martini glass."


P is for "Patriotism"

(And H is for "headdesk.")


F is for "Fixed it!"

Oh, you.


S is for "Stop."



Thanks to Chelsea P., Lynn J., Maureen, Bonita H., Jason A., Stephanie M., Chantene Z., Melinda A., & Deanna C. for the education. And to the rest of you: I look forward to your letters.


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