Sunday Sweets: A Salute To All Nations, But Really Just America

You guys, we've only got a few days left to whip up some patriotic Sweets for the Fourth of July!

But don't worry; you can totally make this: 

By Cake Central member CakeADoodle


I mean, just whip up a three-tiered cake, and then hand cut all that little bunting and stars and stripes, and then sculpt a cute little Uncle Sam, and you're golden!


Or, if you're more of a cupcake kinda gal:


By Cakes by Jyl 

 I like the springy bits shooting out of the candle. 

Also, for future reference: when I say I'll just have one cupcake, this is the size I'm talking about.


Here's a rockin' abstract design:

By JessiCakes

I'm digging those fireworks bursts - they remind me of all the cool retro styles from the 50s.


And check out the adorable ribbon bow and curly Q top spray on this one!

By My Cake School


If cookies are your thing, then you're going flip for these perfectly piped firework cookies:

By Sweet SugarBelle

(Hit the link for a how-to!)


I couldn't find a Declaration of Independence cake, but I like the aged "parchment" scrap on this one:

By M-I-Reilly

 Pretty roses, too!


It's always a treat to see mostly fondant-free Sweets with icing this smooth and corners this sharp:

By Cake Central member Krystina418

Simply gorgeous. And don't you love that font for the USA?


If you can't decide between cake and cookies, here's an idea: put your cookies on your cake!

By CC member GeminiRJ

 What a great idea! Cookies are a much tastier alternative to fondant accents, too.


I just realized this next one is the only sculpted cake in today's post:

By CC member Connie1027

So hats off to you, Connie!


This final Sweet was made for the Fourth, but it'd also work beautifully for Memorial Day. It incorporates WWII recruitment posters printed in edible ink, one for each branch. I'm not usually a fan of edible images, but this time it really works:

By LuLu's Sweet Art

 I love the ribbon and classic stars and stripes bunting, too. 

Have a wonderful Fourth, my fellow Americans! And happy Canada Day, Canadians! And to everyone else: I hope you enjoyed the parade of red, white, and blue. :)