"Morning People" Need Not Apply

Shhhhh! NOT SO LOUD with the breathing and the clicking with the mouse and whatnot, ok? Geez.

Now, if you'll kindly take your extra-strength cups of coffee and scroll quietly this way, I've prepared a little photo montage that I think perfectly captures our collective New Year's morning experience:



Also, I'm sure some of your evenings last night included a bunch of these:

Although whether those are exploding champagne bottles, firecrackers, or phalluses is anyone's guess.


Still, don't worry; we're going to get through this together if you remember one important safety tip: if and when you start to see something like this floating in your peripheral vision:

...be sure to tell someone.


Not me, though; I'm going to be too busy lying on the couch over here with a pillow on my face.

(Confession: I didn't actually drink anything last night. It's just nine o'clock in the morning, and I'm a blogger. Ug. Wake me when it's noon, ok?)


Oh, and this baker would like to wish someone named Mary a happy new year:

So I guess the rest of us are out of luck.



Thanks to Elizabeth, Caitlin C., Tara C., Kate H., Alison C., & Sarah J., for ringing in the new year the best way possible: metaphorically.