Peace Out

Imagine these are peace signs

It's easy if you squint

No need to wonder
Look, here's another hint:

Imagine all the bakers
Failing in this way:


(Ow OW owww ow ow ow...)


Imagine education
It isn't hard to do
Hey, look, this is a peace sign:

Is that so hard for you?


Imagine all the people!
Asking, "what's with the Ys?"

(Why WHY why why whyyy?)


You may saaay I'm a screamer

(No, no, noooo!)


But that's not the only one

(Ah, ah, AAAAAAH)


I hope some day they'll wise up

(Theeey neverrrr wiiiilll)


But 'til theeeen
This piece is done!

Thanks to Amy K., Tracy S., Chris H., Lauri K., Angi, Lindsey S., Cheryl N., Kim Z., & Daisy, who think Mercedes should give me a kickback for this post. AND I AGREE.