8 Hilarious Wrecks Bakers Want Us To Believe Are Football Helmets

I'll be the first to admit that a football helmet is not the easiest thing to draw:

It's all round and confusing and stuff.



But still.


Really, bakers?




If you had no context, tell me you wouldn't think this was a cheese grater:


And this was a happy whale:


Here's a couch in front of a window:


And a, uh...

...demonic hacky sack?


Eesh, how sad is it when this is the best one?


If only bakers had a helmet shaped PAN, you know? Something that locks them into the right shape, so they absolutely, positively, could NOT mess it...



Thanks to Bruce B., Manda, Matt M., Anony M., Brielle R., Kristin N., Heather F., Rachel K., & Anna E. for finding a reason I might actually need a helmet. (Or possibly a padded desk.)


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