Friday Favs 9/18/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week.


They asked for Happy Birthday, with a drawing of a sun.

That's some stellar work.


Remember the days of "paper or plastic?"
Now we just have to guess which it is:

Either way, you're getting plenty of fiber!

(To be washed down with bitter, bitter tears.)


These are supposed to be pencils:


And this was supposed to bid farewell to summer.


And now, just to get us REALLY depressed:

The Future Of Cake Decorating, summed up in a single image:

(Read the box, my friends. Read it, AND WEEP.)

You scream, I scream, we all just keep screaming.


No, no, I won't leave you like that! Here's one last giggle to make it all better:

Jack really likes football, which is what his parents explained to the bakery. More specifically, he's a big fan of the Colts.



Thanks to Kelly L., Emily B., Robert K., Karla C., Claire W., & Sarah B. for proving cats really DO make everything better.


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