Sunday Sweets: Creepy Treats!

Well hellooooo there, my unsuspecting mortal friends. This week we are vamping up for everyone's favorite holiday, Halloween! So come along with me for a ride through SCARY CAKE TOWN.
(We're, uh, still working on the name.)

Oh, and make yourself comfortable, as we'll be taking the scenic route:

(By MadHouse Bakes)


Let's start off with a little EYE candy, shall we?

(By Rosebud Cakes)

Puns killed me, you know.


All of our residents here are devilishly delicious - IF you're quick enough to get in the first bite:

(By Marina Danovska)


Oh, I'm sorry, do you prefer sheet cakes?

(By letortedecakelo)

Or is calling this a sheet cake too much of a stretch?


If you turn towards the far horizon, you might spot our resident horseman:

(By Mrs. Cake)

Best keep your distance, though; that hollow is a terrible spot to be headed.


This tower, on the other hand, is the height of warm gothic elegance:

(By Amanda MacLeod)


And, look, the family's all here to greet you!

(By Perfect Indulgence Cakes)


Pay no attention to Morris, though; he's just looking for another hand out:

(By CW reader Kathryn S.)


A little birdy told me these skulls are all made from white chocolate:

(By Conjurer's Kitchen)

I do hope all those beaks are securely attached. If not, HEADS WILL ROLL.


Say, would you like to play a little game?


Tag! You're IT!

(By Sliceofheaven1)



Oh, I AM sorry - did my little jest frighten you? Well, not to worry; our little tour is about to come to its permanent conclusion.

But before your departure, may I just say that you remind me of the babe?

The babe with the power.

The power of voodoo!

(By Valerie Bohzkova)



HAHA...ack! *coughcough*

[continued coughing]

Gosh, disembodied creepy laughter really takes it out of you.

Ok. Well.

Get out.


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