Sunday Sweets: Halloween Cuteness!

Did last week's creepy Sweets leave you in need of a hug?

It's ok. I could use one too. There was an It clown cake for crying out loud! AN IT CLOWN CAKE.

So gather in close friends, and let us heal together.

The line for hugs starts here.

(By Pasticci di Molly)

Now isn't this a happy Halloween cutie?! Look at her ringlets! Who could resist giving this sweet mummy a little squeeze?


Or this one?

(By Little Cherry Cake Company)

Ok, maybe not as girlishly cute, but Murray's still adorable. And such enthusiasm!
C'mere big guy!


Jack-o-Mickey would totally hug you for an uncomfortable amount of time,

(By Kaylynn Cakes)

...if he had arms.


Uh oh, looks like this little one wants in on the hugging action as well.

(By TuffCookie Cakes)

Just look at that dead-eyed, er ... doe-eyed stare.
Hug time!


But before you get caught up in the spirit and go wrapping your arms around just anybody, please be sure that the hug-ee is as willing to embrace as the hugger.

(Submitted by Marlissa D. and made by Flour Child Cakery)

Cuz ... things might get awkward.


Also, go easy on the squeeze-y.

(Submitted by Wendy H. and made by Bluebird Cakes)

We wouldn't want anyone to lose their lunch. Literally.


OK, so spill your guts,

are you not a hugger?

(By Cake Art by Dana)

You're not alone. I have a feeling this guy would prefer not to hug it out either.


In fact, some people will go to any lengths to avoid them.

(Submitted by Kristi and made by Cakes by Jyl)

Hmmm, now witch way did she go?


But even if you prefer creepy-crawly to touchy-feely,

(By Sweet Disposition Cakes)

I bet we can still crack that facade.


I mean, you can't deny that this candy-corn-kitty-cat-cake is uncontrollably cute.

(By The Cake Girls)

It's hypnotizing me with its cuddle-powers!


Heck, I'd even cuddle the crap out of this 'spooky' cake too.
It's dripping with adorableness.

(By Andrea's Sweet Cakes)

"Beware?" "Get Lost?" "No Kids?"
HA! More like, "Beware! You're about to get lost in cuteness! No kidding!"

There now, feel better?


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