You Gonna Eat That?

It's Clean Out Your Fridge Day, my friends, and I, the Queen of Unidentifiable Food Objects, am here to guide you through it.


STEP ONE: Purchase celebratory "Clean Out Your Fridge Day" cake.

Fortunately, wreckerators have provided us with LOTS of options. For example:

I think it used to be a hot dog.


No worries; just scrape that into a bowl and get me a straw. [eyebrow waggle]


Welp, looks like the ants are about done with it. Your turn.


So which is worse: corn chips in chocolate icing or refried beans on a cake?
Inquiring minds want to know.


Please don't let those be tongues.


I demand to see Life's manager.



STEP TWO: Now that you've acquired your "Clean Out Your Fridge Day" cake, it's time to open the door to your refrigerator. Don't be afraid, now. Go on!

(By the terrifyingly talented Debbie Does Cakes)



STEP THREE: Slam the door and just eat out for the rest of your life.


Thanks to Amy S., Ashley A., Kelly S., Charisse O., Melissa T., Sarah B., & Modee, who would like to remind everyone that it is ALSO National Recycling Day, but, no. Just... NO.