Like A Bridge Over Troubled Icing

[A group of Wreckerators, some in frosting-smeared aprons, walk on stage and begin to sing...]


When they're leery

Feeling small...

When tears are in...

... their eyes,

Why not buy them all?

All on one side...

'cause spa- cing's tou- ou- ough...

[joining hands]

When friends just caaan't beee found!

[soprano solo]

I assure you, that's "Harry Potter!"


Why not pay me now?

I've a fridge full of stubbled otter:

[3-part harmony]

Why not pay me now?


A very happy birthday to Art Garfunkle - who we hope will forgive us - and many thanks to Liz K., Lynnette W., Paul A., Michelle S., Rachel H., Lexi, C.H., & Katie S. for helping us appreciate the sound of silence.