Caaandy Candy Candy!

Everyone raise your "fun-size" Snickers for a toast, if you please:


Omm nomm nomm.


Of course by now you've probably worked your way through all the Top Tier candy - the M&Ms, Twix, Skittles, etc - and are down to the Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dum Pops, and Smarties.

You know, THE DREGS.

Ah, but you can transform all that crappy candy into terrific treats the whole family will love! All you have to do - and follow these instructions very carefully - is dump the candy on a cake.


No need to unwrap it - we all know no one wants those chalky horrors touching their cake anyway. [shudder]


Or, if you want to get really ambitious, go ahead and unwrap everything and just let loose with a FULL CANDY ASSAULT:

Voila! Now it's a "Large Fruit-Topped Cheesecake!"


If you're the type who likes to plan ahead, here's an economic option: save up all your dregs, mix in a few peppermints from your local take-out order, and BAM:

Instant Christmas caaaake!

And hey, throw in a few more ribbons and plastic sprigs, and your guests will eventually decide NOTHING here is edible - thereby saving you ONE ENTIRE CAKE. Save it up! Use it again next year! Play your cards right, and this could be the family's new fruit cake. [CHA-CHING!]


Welp, I hope these suggestions have been helpful, guys. Just remember: plastic-wrapped candy doesn't always work on a cake:

At least from Candy's perspective.


Thanks to Katelyn C., Ginny V., Missy N. & Rachel S. for knowing that you ALWAYS say "caaaandy candy candy" in Garfield's voice. ALWAYS.


PS - I have no explanation for why cocooned Barbie was in the display case, but I do have another shot of it from Jason P.: