Close But No Sitar

That's one way to liven up a game.


Finally! A hero we can bank on.


This is all J.K. Rowling's fault, isn't it?


I'm not sure, but I think Molly approves of her farewell party:


A former patient sent this in to the hospital where Jill T. works - thereby dashing my hopes that "Dr. Watson & Staff" was some kind of high-end bush doctor:


And finally, when Amy D's aunt returned from a long trip she received this warm... um... welcome?

"Walk him. Walk him. Welk him. Welkim. Wellllk ome."

[head tilt]

Nope, there's no way.
I give up.


Thanks to Vanessa W., Nichole B., Elizabeth W., Amy G., Jill T., & Amy D. for being the apple of my pie. The supper crust. The peanut butter to my belly. The... dang, now I'm hungry.