Reading Between The Wrecks

Chocolates? Flowers? Cutesy stuffed animals?



This Valentine's day, give me something a little out-of-the-ordinary! Something a little daring!  Something a


 (Remember, the couple that leaves flaming bags of poo on doorsteps together, STAYS together.)


I'm getting kind of a mixed message here.


Ok, now it's less mixed.


 Hang on. So you're saying you morph into a heart-chomping werewolf at night? Is that it?


 And the call is coming from inside the house?


And you may need diapers?


But you still love me in your barbaric, wolfish way?

  Aw. Well, I guess that IS kind of sweet...

  Will you stop killing things while I'm trying to talk to you.


Well, I guess the only really important thing is that we understand one another, right?



 That and house training, of course.



Thanks to Rebekah G., Meredith G., Carolyn, Brandy S., Chau, Laura E., Kerry M., Lynn B., Anne Q., & Anthony S. for reminding us to just stick with boxes of chocolates. 

Unless we're werewolves.