Like, Whatever

Transcript of the actual conversation of the Loud Girl talking on her phone in the next booth last night at dinner...

"So, like, I was at work today, and my boss Bob comes up to me, y'know, and he's all like,

"Did you finish that project I gave you last week?"

"And I, like, totally forgot about it, so I'm thinking, like,

But I don't say that. I'm all

And he's just, y'know, looking at me, so I say

And he just stands there, so I go


And he rolls his eyes and looks at me, and he says,

I know.

And I say, what, like you never missed a deadline? Oh, I know, that's cuz

right, Bob?


And I'm getting, like, totally pissed that he thinks he can treat me like that, so I'm just all,

and I walked out.


Yeah, I know! Good for me!

Now I'm like

I didn't want to be a lawyer anyway."


Really, like, epic thanks to Sheryl L., Ellen B., Lexi R., Katherine B., Sam B., Allison W., Amy O., Bruce T., Julia R., and Laura D. I love you guys. You really get me.