Pass The Purell

I don't know about you guys, but it seems like everyone I know has gotten sick with something contagious this winter. Heck, I was sick the entire month of January. Because knowledge is power, I think you ought to know just what the nasties that are causing all this misery look like. We rented a powerful microscope -- hey, we spare no expense for you, our dear readers -- put samples of the germs under the microscope, and magnified them 5000 times. Here's what we found: Let's start with...


...and landed very, very badly.
("Shhh! It's trying to communicate.")
("Yeah, and it's saying, 'OUCH.'")


You've probably heard of e-coli:

Be careful around this one -- it makes you feel like crap.


I'll bet you think this is the common cold:

Well, it's not.


Most of us are familiar with Strep:

You know, the one that makes you a little hoarse?


And finally, there's Staphylococcus:

Which is the disease that killed Sigmund Freud.

(Actually, it's not. But wouldn't that have been deliciously ironic?)


We hope you've managed to avoid getting sick this winter, because no one wants these in real life, or in cake form.
(If you were "lucky" enough to get one of these, feel free not to share, m'kay?)


Let's spread thanks to Kara W., Tiffany W., Jan Y., Kerrie C., and Katie P., for their infectious senses of humor.