Sunday Sweets: A Black Tie Affair

You are cordially invited to step away from Beyoncé, buffalo wings, and beer commercials for a small moment today, and instead feast your eyes on something a bit more refined: fabulously formal cakes!

By Laura Stankis of JaCiva's

Please note: black tie required. Supper bow tie, not so much.


King Kong definitely got the memo; check out his tie and tux on this fun art-deco topper:

Ack! So cute. He's even color-coordinated with the cake's monogram:

By Gateaux Inc.


But if you're tuned in to Downton Abbey tonight, you will already know that white tie is THE most formal of all evening wear, and to dress accordingly. You know, like this all-white wonder:

By We Bake In Heels

Just look at that painstakingly perfect piping!


Can polka-dots be elegant? You bet!

Submitted by Nicole S. & made by Sugar Bakers

It doesn't get more classic than black and white with red roses all over.


Hey, remember that time on Downton Abbey when Matthew was forced to wear a black tie to dinner, and everyone acted like he had just shambled in wearing a holey bathrobe and flip flops? Ha! So funny. (Um, this show is better than I'm making it sound, honest.)

By Sharon Wee Creations

Don't worry; I bet no one would ever mistake this beauty for a waiter.
(Mostly because that wouldn't make any sense, but still.)


Ok, back to more civil matters. Remember that time on Downton when that thing happened to that person, and everyone was, like, really shocked? (Jen says I'm not allowed to give any more spoilers, but YOU know what I mean.)

Well, I guess we can only hope the person who that thing happened to will come back later. You know, for a...cameo:

By Mina Bakalova

But not as a horse.
I guess we can only dream!


And while we're dreaming, imagine the look on Mr. Carson's face if Mrs. Patmore baked this stunning cake and hung it up in the dining room, chandelier-style!

Made by Gateaux for  Betty Crocker

That's right, this cake is actually hanging from the top, like a real chandelier. Or chandeTIER, as I like to say it. Cake joke! (I've never actually said that.)


But I do love the hexagon-shaped tiers of this next cake. Aren't the hand-painted doodles dreamy?
File this under 'fabulous!'

Sub'd by Kate K., made by Sweet & Saucy Shop

That's worthy of Lord and Lady Grantham's finest dinner party. I bet even Granny would approve.


Sorry. I'm totally done talking about Downton Abbey, I swear. Let's talk about this damask cake:

By Sugarland

Ain't no damasquerading, it's lovely!


And here's one last extravagantly fanciful cake for you to behold before you head out to enjoy the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, Downton Abbey, or just the rest of your weekend:

Sub'd by Su-Anne & made by Cile Bellefleur Burbidge


"What is a weekend?"
(Couldn't help it!)


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