A Scholarly Salute

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, my friends, so if you can read this, thank a teacher! (And if you can't read this, then... uh... wait. Never mind.)


Teachers, whether your subject is:



"managent" or "psycology"...


the "Holly Bible"...


or teaching kids their MBCs:

... you get an A+ with us.


Yes, teachers, you labor on through daily trials and temper tantrums, shaping our future generations, spreading knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration, and all for the vastly insufficient reward of that one shining, glorious phrase:


And while some of your students have already served their time:

"Class OFF, buster!"


And others have much, MUCH longer to go:


Please know that you are, without a doubt:

...the "Word's Greates."

And hey, we mean that.


Thanks to Chrissy W., Kristen C., Christy, Anony M., Amy S., Carolina D., Barbara O., & Paul V. for the teaching moment.