Sunday Sweets: Dad's Day

Dad, you work so hard the whole year through,

today, let's make it up to you!

Kick up your feet, turn off your phone,

 (By Just a Bite by Vivi)

... and settle in upon your throne.

Here's the extra special kicker,

(By Melanie of Ph.D.-Serts Cakes)

... today you can control the clicker!


And I pinky-promise I'll keep quiet,

(Submitted by Ty L., made by Paul's Creative Cakes)

... if you, say, "forget" your diet.


So have a cold one, or two, or three!

(Sub'd by Jamie M., made by Rouvelee's Creations - and yes, it's ALL edible!)


Then pop in your favorite DVD,

(By Robin of Gateaux Inc)

Light up that fancy old cigar,

Pssst, mind if I borrow your car?

(By Avalon Cakes)

Just kidding! I mean, I washed your car!

 I also organized your tools.

About that ...

uh, I hope we're cool.


So don't worry 'bout a single chore,

 (By CakeFella)

Just tell me how to start the mower?


And while we're at it, tell me more

About your youth, and days of yore. 

About that one amazing day:


(By Helen of cakejoy)

About the one that got away!


'Cuz Dad, I think you're super great.

Without you, life would be cut-rate.


I wish I could show my appreciation,

with a motorcycle, or a great vacation.

But I hope you'll like this shirt and tie,

(Sub'd by Christina W., made by Esperanza [no other info listed, pic found here.])

And know that you're my favorite guy.


So I guess that all there's left to say,

is have an awesome Father's Day!