There's Your Sign

June is Do-It-Yourself Marketing Month, bakers, and you know what THAT means!

Yep: time to SAVE some MONEY!! Woot woot!

Don't have any actual cake for the window display? NO PROBLEM. Styrofoam works wonders - no frosting required!


Those crowds of customers will come stampeding in any minute!

Any minute.

Annnnnnny minute...


And for an arresting display inside your bakery, all you need is a mannequin head and a bag of laundry!

I have literally never wanted to purchase baked goods more.


 Speaking of which, a good quality product practically sells itself, so be sure to fill your shelves with all your top sellers:

Kids just want the toys anyway, right?

If they complain, just throw in a tube of icing!


Say, did you know you can save a bundle by typing up your bakery's signage yourself? It's true! And no one will ever know the difference!


(I hear this place is squeaky clean.)


I'm partial to the Sahara, myself. 

(And if you're wondering where the extra 'S' went ...

... There it is!)


Now, is it possible to make tiny mistakes when making your own signage? Sure. But I think you'll find that, in the long run, the benefits FAR outweigh the... er...



Never mind. You're on your own.

Thanks to April M., Denise, Sonya, Meg S., Diana S., Maggie C., Michelle, Nancy M., Brandy F., and Susan R. for the reminder that, sometimes, it pays to pay a real professional.