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Attention Cake Wrecks Readers!

The FBA (Food and Blog Administration) has issued strong new warnings for those who view this blog on a regular basis.

Frequent readers may experience one or more of the following:


Blurred Vision



...often combined with squinting and stilted reading aloud.


Spontaneous German Utterances (SPU)

Ja, es ist ein Junge mit einer verstopften Eule!
(Yes, it is a boy with a constipated owl!)



"What? Is there something on my face?"


Temporary loss of bowel function


And most serious of all:

Despair for the Future of Humanity






...often followed by a wicked headache.


If you, or a member of your family, have experienced any of these symptoms while reading Cake Wrecks...


See you tomorrow!


Thanks to Danielle G., Hannah F., Alison U., Karina R., Carly G., Stacey G., Stacey T., Julie G., and Jesse McE. for helping to expose these potential side effects to the public. And, yes, it IS SPU-- Spontane Preußischen Übersprachen. It's a technical term. You don't need to look it up. Really.