Flotsam R Us

It has come to our attention that many bakers struggle with filling orders properly. That's why we here at Flotsam R Us offer a wide variety of attractive, low-cost, non-edible solutions for the professional bakery.

For example, we have a large selection of plastic "Happy Birthday" picks:

OR "Happy Birthday" plaques:

For bakers who prefer an airbrush, we also offer a 'Happy Birthday' stencil!

And just in time for grad season, we've got a brand new "Congrats, Grad" sticker in stock:

For your more artistically challenged bakers, we also offer plastic flotsam in the shape of musical notes...

... and stars!

Of course, training your bakers how to actually USE our products is completely up to you. So, uh...

Good luck with that.


Thanks to Emily H., Molly S., Angie M., Gina R., Amber C., Brittni J., & Uri S. for the flotsam flops.