Burger Points

Tips for making the perfect hamburger cake:

- Make it round



- Include appetizing toppings:

Tentacles and earth worms optional.


- Mini-burger cakes can be piles of fun!

(Garnish with corn sprinkles for an experience your customers won't be able to pass by.)


- To really add to the "burger" illusion, try a light sprinkling of sesame seeds:


- Or the ever-popular condiment rope:


- Just don't forget the icing!


- And to make your cakes extra memorable, throw in something unexpected. You know, like Funyons:

Believe me, your customers won't soon forget the pungent combination of onion powder and chocolate icing. No matter how hard they try.


- However, if you must make a fun "beverage" to go with your burger cake, NEVER MAKE IT CHOCOLATE.

And btw, to the baker who first thought filling one cup with chocolate icing was a good idea: it's too soon. It will ALWAYS be too soon.

(If you don't get it, for the love of Stay Puft, don't google it.)


- And finally, when all else fails:

Go with hot dogs.


Thanks to E., Martha R., Tharr, April R., Susan M., Amy M., K.F., & Stephanie M. for the grilling.