It's Not Easy... Being Meme

Having trouble keeping up with all the popular internet memes these days? Then you're in luck, because I just so happen to have a handy guide to memes... using frog cakes. Because reasons.


Grumpy Cat

"I had a birthday once.


Goosebumps Girl

"Ermagerd, yerler kerk!"


First World Problems

"Dropped my phone in the lake, so now I'm bored in the bathroom.
Which is also the lake."


Condescending Wonka

"Oh, so you changed your profile picture to a solid color?
Wow, you must be a real political activist."


Troll Face



Overly Attached Hypno-Toad

"I watched you sleep last night.
You might want to clean your window now."


Nyan Cat




Thanks to Faith H., Krystal F., Jesse D., Sean M., Virginia M., M.L., & Kim M. for helping me confuse all of our parents that much further. Happy googling, everyone!