I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream, "That's Ice Cream?!?"

One of my favorite summer pastimes is getting a decadent ice cream cone on a hot night.

My least favorite summer pastime is putting on swimwear.

(Proving Hallmark really does have a card for everything.)


It's a constant battle to balance my love of ice cream with the desire not to increase the size of my, er, ruffle.

Fortunately, these cakes seem destined to put me off ice cream for good:

I think the cherry really makes a difference. Don't you?


C'mon, bakers, an ice cream cone ought to be pretty easy. I mean, we all know what one looks like, right?

I stand corrected.




Ok, now you're just messing with us, aren't you.


EW. Someone call for cleanup on aisle 3!
And the Orkin man.



Tell ya what, bakers:

Why don't you start with an actual ice cream cone, and then work around that? You can do that, right?

Actually, I was hoping for something PRE-digested.


Let's call it the "Beeblebrox".


Yikes, is there any actual cake in this thing?

(Great. Now I've gone off frosting, too. Ick.)


Come on, bakers! You can do this! Big finish!


Sooo, how are your hamburger cakes these days?


Thanks to Grant P., Una, Michelle B., Rachel M., Whitney C., Missy S., Becca L., Katherine L., & Katie D. for helping me stay on my diet.