Sunday Sweets: Steampunk!

As you long-time readers know, I'm kind of a steampunk nut. I love the vintage vibe mixed with sci-fi gadgetry, and I love how it encourages people to create art out of yesterday's cast-offs.

Steampunk even inspired me to get into cosplay; last year I stepped out as a steampunk lady Darth Vader. The whole process was a total blast, and that costume is actually on display in a museum at this very moment. (Yes, I'm totally bragging. Hey, it was my first real cosplay! I'm stoked!)

Anyhoo, since I also (surprise!) love cake, it goes without saying that steampunk cake is my own personal gear-festooned heaven. So let's get to the goodness already, shall we?

(Submitted by Amber B., designed by Swank Cake Design, and made by Sweet Blossom Cakes 

[[swoon]] Stripey top hats and flowery corsets are another match made in heaven. LOVE.


(By Cake Central member CakeSue)

What would steampunk be without clocks and gears? NOWHERE, I tell you. I'm digging that tiny keyhole plate and, of course, the aviatrix fairy chilling at the base.


(By A Little Imagination Cakes)

This beauty looks like it could spring into motion at the touch of a steam-powered button. Or, uh, maybe a crank. Can't you just picture that topper spinning while little jets of steam billow out the sides?


There's a common misconception out there that steampunk is all brown and brass. To those poo-pooers I say: A-HA!!

Wait, maybe you should look at the cake first:

(By A Wish And A Whisk)

Ok, now: A-HA! Color. Glorious, vibrant, drool-inducing COLOR!

Given its Victorian roots, there really should be more color in steampunk. My next costume (which I'm frantically finishing up because Dragon Con is less than 2 weeks away! AAAAUGH!) is all red and white, and John's is purple and hot pink, so, you know, we're trying to do our part. :D


This next wedding cake has a fun Toon Town vibe - and check out the vacuum tube topper!

(Submitted by Paula D. and made by The Bunny Baker)


Hang on, we're missing another steampunk essential: goggles.

(By Dream Cakes by Robyn)

Oooh, and goggles never look more dapper than when perched on a top hat, am I right? I should remind you that really IS a cake up there, though, complete with sugar glass lenses! Say it with me, now: AH-mazing.


(By Mitchies Munchies)

I really like the soft glazed look here; the whole cake looks like a finely aged bisque sculpture.


Steampunk has more "flavors" than I can count, but one of my personal favorites is the nautical-inspired variation. Think Jules Verne's Nautilus or BioShock's Rapture. Or this:

(By Ember's Cakes)

Look at that diver's helmet. LOOK AT IT. It's so perfect!! I'm also really enjoying the mental image of a fully suited-up Victorian diver wearing a top hat on his helmet. :D


It does my steamy little heart good to see so many steampunk-themed weddings happening these days - even if I HAVEN'T been invited to one yet, hint hint, all you engaged people-folk, you - because if nothing else I get to gawk at all their fantabulous cakes:

(By Fluffy Thoughts Cakes)

Perfectly perfect in every way.


And speaking of weddings, my friend Steampunk Boba Fett actually officiated at this next one, where the trio of cakes featured dramatic built-in lighting and moving parts:

(Submitted by Angela G. and made by Dani Startt of Sweet Startt's)

You can read more about the wedding here, which included an R2D2 ring-bearer, a Dalek flower girl, and enough assorted geekery to make me ridiculously jealous of everyone there.


That reminds me: you know what else makes steampunk awesome? All the mashups! Yep, if you can think of a popular character, movie, or TV show, odds are someone somewhere has made a steampunk version. Epic case in point:

(Sub'd by Sharyn H. made by The Little Cake Patch)

Maybe time is a little less wibbly-wobbly when it's steam-powered.


Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to go finish riveting a clock pendulum onto my hand-carved leather corset. (If only I were making this up...)

I'll leave you with this beauty, which looks like it belongs on the mantel in a formal Victorian parlor:

(Submitted by Amber B. and made by Christopher Garrens)

Kind of spooky sweet, am I right? I suppose it's a little more "seance" than "steampunk" - but maybe it was for some steampunk Ghostbusters? Because, oh yes, THOSE EXIST.

In fact, if you're not familiar with the League of S.T.E.A.M., here they are in action:

Plus check out this awesome group spotted at GenCon this weekend! (Steampunk Mr. StayPuft. THAT IS ALL.)

Have a steamy Sunday, everyone!


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