Every Teacher's Worst Nightmare

Welcome to your new school year, everyone! I'm Miss Peld, who some of you might know from the Kaky Kake bakery in town. Your regular English teacher, Miss Lee, decided to retire over the summer, so I'll be filling in.

[dims lights]
[begins slideshow]

Now, who wants to see the cake I made for her??

It was my idea to add the "Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension." Cute, right?


Of course your History teacher, Erica Schwartz, would normally fill in for Miss Lee, but Erica left this morning for a last minute trip to Europe. Luckily I had just enough notice to make her this sweet little "Bon Voyage" cake before she left:

It's funny how many people at this school have never heard the phrase "bon voyage" before, by the way - nearly everyone in the lounge asked me what the cake meant! Huh!

Oh and we're also missing everyone's favorite student aid, Jason, due to his college graduation over the summer. Naturally, I stepped in to help with that celebration, too:

Jason is moving upstate to start his fellowship, so I also threw in this extra housewarming gift:


But enough about your former teachers - let's talk about you guys! The important thing to remember is that this school has a long history of excellence. In fact, you COULD say... [clicking to next slide]...

We've been awesome since 1983!!

My, you kids have been so attentive this lesson, and I just love seeing all these big grins around me!
Aaaand I have the perfect way to thank you:

Ok, everyone, tomorrow we're having a pop quiz, so be sure to bring in at least three tubes of gel icing and a quart of black frosting each, k? Great. Class dismissed!


Thanks to Sarah G., Spencer S., Rebekah A., Megan W., Jenny L., & Meggin K. for helping me give all the teachers out there especially vivid nightmares tonight. (And yes, the "Bamaiarze" cake really IS supposed to say "Bon Voyage." Really. Like, REALLY really. Would I lie to you? Don't answer that. Just trust me.)