Sunday Sweets: A Very Burton Birthday

Today I've got a super special Sweets for you guys, and I. Am. PUMPED. See, today is Tim Burton's birthday (woo woo!), and in his honor 100 of the best bakers from around the world decided to get together and knit miniature afghans.

Just kidding.

They made CAKES, of course! One hundred glorious, creepy, Tim-Burton-esque cakes and edible figures, all inspired by Burton's works, from Beetlejuice to Corpse Bride to FrankenWeenie.

The bakers are debuting all of their beauties today on the newly launched site CakenWeenie, but they let me have a peek ahead of time so I could pick a few of my favorites. It wasn't easy, believe me, but here are my personal top 13:

(By Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio)

Gotta start with Beetlejuice, am I right? If only so I can stop you from developing a big head by giving you the cold shoulder.


(No, the whole post won't be bad puns. Promise.)


This Edward Scissorhands tableau is definitely a cut above the rest:

(By Cakes by Angela Morrison)

And those edible topiaries are shear genius!

(Ok, so I lied about the pun thing. WHAT.)


Oooh, What's This?

(By Marzipan moon & Sugar dust stars)

You could almost convince me this was a model actually used in The Nightmare Before Christmas - that detail is INSANE! (Kind of like Doctor Finkelstein's dental work. [shudder])


When it comes to creepy cute - with an emphasis on creepy - Quackers here really hits the mark:

(By Southin Style Cakes)

Look at the little paint buckets!
(And no, I don't think his name is officially Quackers. But it should be.)



(By Lily's Piece of Cake)

Am I featuring too many from Nightmare? Does anyone care?


Ok, ok, let's move on to Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

While Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter may have stolen the show, I've always been partial to the non-human characters, like the March Hare:

(By Richard's Cakes)

I'm also a sucker for tiny cakes on cakes. They're so magically meta. :)


Ooh! And how about the caterpillar?

(By Tea Party Cakes)

The cake itself may SEEM simple, but would you look at how perfect the leaves are?


And after your perfect pile of leaves, how about a slice of blueberry pie:

(By Andrea's SweetCakes)

Cake pie with a topper of inflated Violet Beauregarde - I LIKE IT.


And here's the little fella that inspired Cakenweenie's name: Frankenweenie himself!

(By Black Sheep Custom Cakes)

That dangly little nose gets me every time. I'm also in awe of that shading - he looks like he jumped right off the screen!


Would you believe I've never seen James and the Giant Peach? With characters like this, though, I'm thinking I should fix that:

(By Nikki's Cakes)

Now that is one stylish spider fashionista. The boots! The beret! Even her web glitters oh-so-tastefully.


Most of these are sculpted figures and characters, of course, but this next Sweet would be awesome for a Burton-inspired gothic wedding:

(By Antonio's Kitchen)

Now that's morbid elegance - no bones about it.


You might be tempted to think this Skeleton Boy is just a small figure, but he's actually a full-sized cake!

(By Little Cherry Cake Company)

Forget eating; I want to display him on my desk for ever and always.


And finally, let's end with the birthday boy himself. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and ghouls, allow me to present... Mr. Tim Burton:

(By Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery)

He always was a head of his time.

Normally I maintain that photorealistic heads and/or body parts are creepy, but for Mr. Burton, that's only appropriate. :) Besides, would you look at that sand worm tie? I totally want one! And his glasses - check out those tinted sugar glass lenses! Karen, you continue to knock my socks clean off.

Head on over to CakenWeenie to see the rest, because believe it or not, they're ALL amazing. I tried to feature mostly full cakes here, but the sculpted figures have to be seen to be believed.

A huge thanks to Tracey of Little Cherry Cake Company for letting me share today's goodies, and to all the bakers involved with CakenWeenie!


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