Sunday Sweets: Orange & Teal

Hi guys! Renee here. Seeing as I'm the new kid at Sweets, I thought it would be a good idea to suck up stay on the boss' good side. And since Jen's favorite color combo is orange and teal, I know just what to do.


*Ahem hem hem*
[standing up straight, hands behind back]

For Jen, lover of orange and teal:

(By Say It With Sugar)

You -- uh -- sparkle with your wit and zeal.


Lines climb just like my admiration:

(By J'adore Cakes)


I hope you like your stripes in rotation!

(By Decadent Creations)


To me your mood's never ziggy-zaggy

(By Jessicakes)

Like this cake, nothing on you is saggy.
(Or, uh, so I'm told.)


Just like these mums stand, cool and bright

(By Baking Passion)

You are a... a... beacon on this site!


Unlike these blooms you're never scattered:

(By The Cake Boutique)

If I lose this job, I'd just be shattered.
[[Bambi eyes]]


You look nothing like this, but you're just as cheeky:

(By Natalia Da Silva)

And when you play hide n' seek, I'm sure you're super sneaky.


As vibrant as these buds are orange:

(By Cake Heart)

And... and...

I bet YOU'D know a rhyme for orange.


Hand-painted swirls all twist and bend:

(By mlusk11)

Have I mentioned your great taste in friends?


A perfect flower in a sea of Sweet:

(By Cake-ity Cakes)

Like this cake, you're good enough to... er... meet.



And now that my poem has gone 'round the bend:

(By Madison's on Main)

Orange you glad I saved this pun teal the end?


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