Pumpkin Invasion

It still feels about a thousand degrees down here in Florida, but apparently it's "Fall." You can tell because everything in the stores has suddenly turned into pumpkin-ized versions of themselves. Candles, coffee, beer, M&Ms, lip gloss... it's a marketing exec's Cinderella Story, only with longer Limited Time Offers.

Cakes are not immune to the Fall'ing trend, of course, but they're not pumpkin-flavored, they're pumpkin... er... shaped?

Well, let's just call them pumpkin "inspired."


Or possibly pumpkin "poop."

Maybe it's the pumpkin beer talking, but I find this cake particularly moving.
And a little blurry.


Hey, bakers, maybe if you just put a couple of little ones together...

Never mind.


Just go back to that half-a-wheel thing:

I want to believe that thing on top is a flower - I do, I DO.


Hey look, it's the famous "It's Not Magma" Volcanoes of the Tomato Eggplant Isles!

(Oh, please, like YOU can resist blowing a good snot joke.)


The good news about all these pumpkin cake invaders, though, is that they're Portents of Things To Come. Spooky things. Halloweeny things. Things that look oddly like the melted face of the Kool-Aid guy:


And I, for one, can't wait.


But I think maybe this guy can:


Thanks to Jenna H., Frances J., Ashley S., Jessica S., Currey M., Lana W., & Kim U. for the gourd clean fun.