Super Bowel To The Rescue!

Sports fans, are you worried you've picked a crappy caterer for the big game this weekend?



'Course everyone knows Super Bowl parties are mostly about the food, so I guess it makes sense to have two pools of milk battling it out with colorful spatulas:

(No lie, it took me a solid ten seconds to realize that's NOT what this is.)


I'm still having trouble with team names, so somebody remind me:

Who is Sea Hawles, and why did Pac-Man have to die for him?


I do remember the Colts, though, because there's a young boy named Jack who is a huge Colts fan.

Unfortunately for Jack, though, if you write "Colts" a bit sloppily on the order form it can end up looking like a much different word:



It's a shame Jack couldn't switch with 6-year-old Reagan, who just wanted a pretty horse and flowers on HER cake:

On the plus side, Mom and Dad, I don't think Reagan wants a pony anymore.


Best of luck to both teams this weekend, and remember: Whatever happens, we can all take comfort in knowing there's only one real loser:


(I need to find the baker who did this, and shake her hand.)



Thanks to Sharyn H., Tara M., Kristy F., Sarah B., Jennifer F., & April M. for bringing her best game face.


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