Sunday Sweets: Into The West

All that Cowboy poetry on Friday inspired me, so I thought we'd keep the theme going with some Sweet Western wonders!

(By Arte de Ka)

K, I'm calling it: Cutest. Cactus. EVAH.


So grab your Stetson, partners:

(By Cake Central user ssunshine564)


And your prettiest boots!

(By Sen Cakes)

Is it really cake? Yep! Although you'd be forgiven for doubting; it's based on a real boot, and the two are all but identical. Check out how Rose used piping to mimic the embroidery stitching:



Speaking of snazzy accessories, I'm loving this orange bandana:

(By Ana Beatriz Carrard)


Although most belt-buckle-and-bandana cakes these days seem to be inspired by everyone's favorite toy Sheriff:

(By The Cake Mamas)

Can't blame 'em, though; Woody really does have fabulous fashion sense.


Here's a little beauty for all you budding equestrians out there:

(By taart van Bianca)



Or how about this for welcoming the newest lil' cowboy into the family?

(By It's A Piece of Cake)

Those hand painted designs are stunning.


And now for some of the sweetest Western wedding cakes I could find:

(By Becky Willard)

So that embossed "leather" and belt buckle completely fooled me, but I checked, and yes, they're edible! (Not the gems, though.) Mega hat tip to Becky; you really got me, my friend!


Next, a modern twist on a classic style:

(By Gateaux Inc.)

Banksy moved to Texas, y'all. You heard it here first.

(Ok, maybe not, but doesn't that look like it belongs in a gallery?)


Another woodgrain design, but this one's a real peach:

(By Sweet On Cake)

So many wedding cakes have the horseshoes perches on top, but I love how these are hanging around the bottom tier! The weathering on the gold is a great touch, too.


And finally, for the black-tie cowboy affair:

(By Cakes By Lisa)


Just promise me someone was wearing rhinestone cowboy boots.


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