Sunday Sweets: No Dungeons, Just Dragons

I dunno about you guys, but I cannot get enough of dragons. Seriously. Not only are they fantastic in every way, they also just have so much personality!

So I set out to find the Seven Dwarves of Dragons. Just 'cuz. And would you believe I found them?? Check it out:


(By Emma Jayne Cake Design)

You know how little kids are most dangerous when they're quiet? I bet the same goes for happy dragons.



(By Madhouse Bakes)

"Get your hand off my tail; you'll make it dirty."

[25 points if you get that reference]



(By Betty June's)

Ok, so he's probably blowing out the candle, but since a dragon sneeze would just re-light it, I'm really enjoying the visual.



(By Elaine Thomas)

All together now: D'awwwww.



(By The Butter End Cakery)

Not to mention oh-so elegant!



(By Fernanda Abarca Cakes)

Yes, that's Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon - but you must admit, he's also kinda dopey. In a good way.

Oh! And I have to show you the other cupcakes she made, too:

Those expressions! I want the guy on the middle left; he's totally giving me "the eye."


And finally, Doc:

(By Border City Cakes)

Ok, so I couldn't find a dragon in glasses - but doesn't he look extra scholarly perched on that book?
Like he's about to spring a pop quiz on us.

(I bet he teaches knight cooking classes. Eh? EH?!)


Of course, that only accounts for seven dragons, so naturally I have to add a few more:


(By Cake Fixation, but the blog is invite-only)

Real flames?! Parents, shield your kids' eyes; you're never gonna top this.



(By Rita at Touché Touchet Bakery)

As in, "Yes, I'm fabulous. You jelly?"

She's entirely fondant-free, you guys; those scales are all piped buttercream!



(By La Torte Perfetta Cake Design)


And finally, Cuddles & Snuggles:

(By Richard's Cakes)

Their necks are forming a heart! And the ends of their tails ARE hearts! Awwwww, LOVE.


Happy Sunday, everyone! And as always, check out our Sunday Sweets Directory if you want to see which bakers in your area have been featured here on Sweets!


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