Sunday Sweets: Summer Top 10 List

Top Ten Summer Activities:

- Wearing Flip-Flops To Absolutely Everything, Including Weddings:

(By Tressa Westerhold)

Of course, for us Floridians that's more of a year-long activity. ;)


- Renting a Convertible and Driving With The Top Down:

(By Just Cool Cakes)

Preferably with something like Magic Carpet Ride blasting on the stereo.


- Ice Cream:

(By Twisted Sugar Cakery)

Lots and LOTS of ice cream. And eating it fast before it melts, too.


- Wasting away in Margaritaville:

(Sub'd Jennifer W., baker unknown)

Because it's 5 o'clock somewhere!


- A Little Light Summer Reading:

(By TIER Luxury Cakes)


- Build a Treehouse:

(By Be Magenta)

Or at least THINK about building one.

(Mine would have a clear dome on top for star gazing, and a big hammock bed. Plus lots of twinkle lights. And a mini fridge. Because MINI FRIDGE.)


- Summer Blockbusters:

(Sub'd by Olivia D., made by Andrea's Sweet Cakes)

Check your brain at the door, and stock up on popcorn and Junior Mints. Nomz.


- Beach Day!

(Baker unknown. Anyone recognize it?)

That's all buttercream - and a rather brilliant use of gumballs on the border, I gotta say!


- Followed by Roasting Marshmallows Over a Bonfire:

(By Your Happy Cake)

No wait, that's not enough: we want s'more!


Hey, we're about to finish our Summer Top Ten list. What're you gonna do now?!

(By Cuteology Cakes)

We're going to DISNEYLAND!!

Ah, if only, am I right? ;)


Happy Sunday, everyone!

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