How To Make A Teacher Cry For Teachers' Day

I want you teachers to know - today especially - that you are needed, and what you teach stays with your students forever.


Would you settle for one out of two?


And here I was all excited by that proper apostrophe placement.

(Psst. Bakers. We've talked about the yellow & brown icing combo before. Stop it.)


Thuffering Thuccotash!


So subtle, but this is my favorite:


(Reminds me of how teachers were forever telling us to look up a word in the dictionary if we didn't know how to spell it. But how do you look it up if you can't spell it?!)

[That was life before auto-correct, kids. Count your Googly little blessings.]


Still, don't lose heart, teachers. You just have to have a little faith!

Or maybe a cake to cry into.

And on that note, we be-leaving you.


Thanks to Amy K., Gretchen O., Shannon B., Teresa, & Michelle B. for making like a misspelled tree.


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