Fails To Meet Expectations

They asked for this:


Got this:

("... and this was after he tried to fix the creeper face with frosting all over his finger tips - see the squares where it looks messed up?")


...then went to another bakery, which whipped this up in only 20 minutes:

See, folks? It CAN be done!


From "Wonderful" "Wonder What They Were Drinking"


They asked for this pink camouflage:


And got something that SHOULD be shot:

Pretty sure I've seen popped balloons that looked more appetizing.


And finally, here's a surprisingly clever use of photo paper:

Even so, my first thought? "Uh-oh."


Because I knew - I knew! - this was coming:


Hey, Elsa.
Let it fro.


Thanks to Deanna W., Julia C., Courtney G., & Kendra C. for the Elizabethan tragedy.


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