Automated Response System Entertainment

Hello, and thank you for visiting Cake Wrecks, where all your half-baked hopes for humanity are soundly thrashed on a daily basis.

Unfortunately we are unable to meet your humor requirements today due to:

__ Travel
__ Plague
__ Boot to the head
__ ROUSes
 X  John's birthday

Please take this opportunity to entertain yourself by:

- Correcting this cake:

{Bonus points for music puns.}


- Naming this Muppet character:

Complete with catch phrase.


- Counting the Skittles:

Then the gummi worms.
Then the panda cookies.
Then the Fruit Chews and gum drops and stuffed giraffe hang tags).


- Flagging this flower cake on Facebook for nudity:



- Writing a haiku to explain Batman's expression:

(Points subtracted if you use the Squatty Potty haiku. Because yes, WE KNOW THAT ONE.)


- Leaving a colorful birthday message after the beep.



Thanks to Jonathan S., Megan W., Irene A., Shelley B., & Anony M. for getting the message.


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