Sunday Sweets: 11 Gingerbread Houses To Make You Drool

Time for my annual roundup of amazing gingerbread houses!

Starting with a gingerbread light house:

(By Mary E)

I love the colorful bricks, and that lounging mermaid!
(See the tiny seahorse?)


It's hard to believe this next one is gingerbread at all; it looks just like a cake!

(By Sweet Delights Cakery)


Ah, but turn it around, and lookie:

Check out the dancing sugar plums - and other sweets - over the kids' heads!


Speaking of cake, here's a genius way of turning a tiered cake into a whole gingerbread village:

(Baker Unknown. HALP.)

No idea how you'd cut it, of course, but c'mon. SO COOL.


The piping on this tradition Victorian number is just lovely:

(By Torten Gallery)


And this one reminds me of a sweet little Swiss chalet:

(By Yener's Way)


Totally crushing on the pink bricks and teal trim on this one:

(By Sugar Rush Custom Cookies)

And the fact that it looks like Disneyland's Haunted Mansion doesn't hurt!


I'm always drawn to houses that still have a little gingerbread showing through:

(By Catherine's Cakery)

The colorful piping on the rich brown gingerbread is just so beautiful.


And check out the cool blues on this one:

That dripping snow! And the perfect roof shingles!

I actually took that picture myself at our local art museum's Festival of Trees, which had some especially fantastic gingerbread on display this year.


Also from the Festival, here's a Seussical design with peppermint candies springing from the chimney:

And this Star Mint roof is positively dreamy:

I always love houses with recognizable candy elements. It's so Hansel-and-Gretel. (Minus the child-eating witch part, of course, since that's less than festive.)


Plus that's another doll house design, complete with gingerbread furniture inside!


And finally, to end on a geeky note, how about a gingerbread TARDIS?

(By Hey Sweet Thing Cakes)

Talk about a timeless design, eh?

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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