Sunday Sweets With Christmas Cheer

Egads, can you believe Christmas is this Friday?!

Don't focus on all that stuff you still have to do and buy and organize, though. Instead, let's just take a mini vacation, right here in this post. So, take a deep breath, clear your mind...

(By Vaganova Alina)


The little lamb! And the hand painted snowman!


The more I look at this one, the more I like it:

(By The Violet Cake Shop)

It's the patterns, right? And the kicky bow? Plus the gravity-defying wreath?


Now here's an elegant option:

(By Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School)

That stand is so clever; who would ever guess this is a cake and not just a fancy centerpiece?


I'm all about the knitted sweater texture on this top tier:

(By Splendor Cakes & More)

And the little pom-poms!!

In fact, all three tiers have some stellar textures going. If I'm not mistaken, the bottom trees are actually carved into the icing. Love that.


You wouldn't usually think of mint green and pink for Christmas colors, but LOOK:

(By Sweet K Cake Design)

Totally works, right?


The Santa face on this one is down right mesmerizing:

(By La Torta Perfetta)

HOW? It's so perfect!

Plus I'm a big fan of the top "candle" - that embedded tea light really sells it.


More non-traditional colors, in a simple modern design:

(By The Sugar Nursery, Cake Shop & Imaginarium)

I am loving the soft watercolor look. So fun!


Here we have both fun AND squee-inducing cuteness:

(By Cake Heaven)



And finally, my favorite this week, which has my favorite color AND a fairy blowing star kisses, so what's not to love?

(By Clairella Cakes)

I also love the color fades, and how the tree looks so feathery. Ahhh. Just dreamy.


Hope you all enjoyed your mini Christmas Sweet vacation! And listen, I know this time of year can be hard, so you guys be good to yourselves this week, k?


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