Sunday Sweets: Christmas Cheer!

It's 10 days 'til Christmas, my friends. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR 'D'AWW'S ARE?

(By i pasticcidi molly)

(There's one!)


Or perhaps a ring of cross-eyed reindeer will tickle your fancy:

(By Pia Marianne)

I love this design so, so much. I want it on a scarf, a pillow, AND a coffee mug, stat.


But when it comes to giggle-inducing reindeer mugs, I think THIS is the clear winner:

(By Enticing Cakes Inc. Designed by Kaysie Lackey)


And when you're done, check out his legs! As in, only one leg is touching the cake board. It's a Christmas miracle - of cakey engineering!


So hey, you just saw a reindeer defy gravity. What are you going to do now?

You're going to Disney World!!

(By Antonella Di Maria)

Ok, maybe only in a purely virtual sense, but still. How sweet is Minnie up there? And look at those teensy candy canes on the tree, and the so-perfect-you'd-swear-it's-fabric bow! Makes me want to run off to the Magic Kingdom right now. (Have you seen the castle lights? Have you??)


Next stop: I Can Bearly Stand It Station.

(By Bubolinkata)

You can't handle the cute.


Followed by the world's coolest ice skating lesson:

(By McGreevy Cakes)

The icy pom-poms, the polka-dot bows, the birthday balloon... !! This makes me wish I had a winter birthday.


And now, the world's most adorable re-enactment of Atreyu riding Falcor the luck dragon:

(By Little Cherry Cake Company)

(Right? Right??)


Which reminds me: are you watching all your favorite Christmas movies this month? Like The Muppet Christmas Carol?

(By Maria Antoinetta Bice Amatiello)


And A Charlie Brown Christmas?

(By Nerdache Cakes)

(I want Snoopy's tree lights.)


I hear there's a new movie out that will get you in an appropriately icy-yet-festive spirit, too:

(By Sweet as Sugar Cakes)

Frozen! I've heard so many good things, can't wait to check it out. Of course, Olaf and Sven here look like they stepped right off the screen; so hard to believe they're cake!


Here's hoping these cakes filled you with cheer, my friends. Now, back to your regularly scheduled holiday bustle. Chop chop!


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