We Are All Weiners

We've already had the Golden Globes:


...and the People's Choice:


So now it's time for the Oscars! Yay!

(Since Oscar grew a nice pair of groobs [grouchy boobs], this will also work for the SAGs.)


Check out some of the nominees:


Thanks, Moomy.


The Imitation Game:

What does it all mean?


American Sniper:

Because America, that's why.


The Theory of Everything:

Stephen Hawking explains how all this stuff can exist on one cake at the same point in time.



I hear it's about a drummer whose instructor is a huge pain in the neck.




"Gobble gobble, motherf***er."

Sadly there can only be one winner, but remember, guys, it's an honor just to be wreckerated.


Thanks to Amanda L., Clairance C., Ingra P., Candy D., Leah McC., Amber G., Christie L., Emily F., Jenn A., Nicole H., Afton N., and Claire O., who all understood that reference.


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